Most Expensive Basketball Shoes


Following a certain kind of sport may opt the fan to buy items that will truly show their support to the sport and to the famous athletes. One way to do this is by buying basketball shoes and displaying them in a special place in the room. Do you have a collection of basketball shoes in your home? For some, it is not enough that they get basketball shoes that are endorsed by famous basketball stars. They have to buy the most expensive ones that were sold around the world.

If you are just building your collection right now, here are some good basketball shoes to start with. But do not blame us if you will have to spend every cent that you have earned all your life because you have to pay top money on these shoes.

Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1

nikeIf you are a Kobe Bryant fan, you have to add the Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 to your collection. This is a special edition Kobe Bryant pair of shoes which is signed by no one else but the great Kobe Bryant. This was the first shoes that Kobe Bryant promoted as a Nike endorser. His first brand was Adidas. And Nike had to pay millions of dollars in order to afford the endorsement of this popular figure.

And Kobe Bryant did not disappoint. He was able to sustain his level of excitement and popularity in the game. This translated to millions of dollars in earnings for Nike. The price for the Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1 is a whopping $30,000. Nike said that a percentage of the earnings from this pair of shoes will go to charity.

You can still find lesser priced Kobe basketball shoes by using Aliexpress anniversary coupon. Just go to the website and look for the shoes that you prefer to buy. Again, if you are a Kobe Bryant fan, you should buy at least one pair with his signature Black Mamba mentality.

Air Jordan I

nikeSame as the Nike Air Zoom Kobe 1, the Air Jordan 1 is the first pair of shoes that were released by Nike wherein it featured the Air Jordan logo on the shoe. It was in 1984 when the high-flying Michael Jordan released the shoes. The Air Jordan 1 is designed by Tinker Hatfield, Peter Moore, and Bruce Kilgore.

At that time, it was just an imagination to see such bold colors on a pair of basketball shoes. The red and black colors were later outlawed by the then commissioner David Stern for the simple reason of not having too much white on the shoe.

It is not sure where you can buy authentic Air Jordan 1s. Some say that Air Jordan 1 pairs are still available in the United States. If you want to get it, you can opt to travel to the US to go and pick it up yourself. You may not be able to save on Air Jordan 1, which is priced at $25,000, but you can save on airfare and hotels by using Agoda discount coupon code. You can also call the seller using vodafone prepago.

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